Marketing That Actually Brings New Customers to Your Business

You see results. You know what’s going on. Someone else does the heavy lifting.

Websites, Google My Business, SEO, Social, Advertising, Email…





To effectively market your business you have to consistently address the basics of successful marketing.

But there is a problem

  • You don’t have the time to do it?
  • May not understand what to do and how to do it.
  • Not sure about what to say and how to say it.
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If We Can’t Track it, We Won’t Sell It

  • Many marketing companies sell, and people buy services you can’t track or measure. So, you don’t know where you stand. You may feel you are wasting money, or heaven forbid, you’re getting ripped off.
  • That’s just wrong. Don’t you agree?
  • That’s why at J3 we only sell effective traffic-driving services where we can track and measure the return on your marketing dollar.
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At J3 we understand marketing. We have proven processes and the team to help you make it happen.

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The Right Message

  • When you don’t see the results you expect, we first look at your messaging. 
  • A clear message will set you apart from your competition.
  • A complete marketing message grabs your customer’s attention, builds trust and motivates them to act. To get there, we use a 7-step process.
  • With your messaging done right, everything else about your marketing gets a whole lot easier. Now you are ready to drive traffic to a website designed to turn that traffic into new customers.

At J3 We love business

  • Our mission:  To help other businesses accomplish their vision.
  • We understand the pressures and time constraints business owners face every day.
  • When we lift the weight of successful marketing off your shoulders and you see the results you want to see, that’s mission accomplished for us. We have a proven plan. Let’s talk about it. Let’s see if the J3 team can help you get to where you want to go.
03 We Get It

Simple Three Step Plan

04 The Plan

ONE: Clarify and complete your message.

TWO: Optimize your Internet Presence for both search and conversion: Your website, Google My Business, Reviews, Business Listings, Social Platforms, etc. 

THREE:  Generate generous amounts of traffic by making your message and your vibrant Internet presence  visible to thousands of your ideal customers. (Content promotion, SEO, Ads, Referrals etc)

Then, with our proprietary “Five Numbers Report” we track and report the numbers that matter. You know what’s working and what’s not. The information you need for decisions about what’s next is at your fingertips. 

Marketing that brings new customers to your business. You see results. You know what’s going on. Someone else does the heavy lifting.

At J3 we know you want to be a confident business owner who markets successfully. In order to do that you need to consistently address the basics of successful marketing.

The problem is it’s hard to find the time. On top of that you may not understand the ins and outs of internet marketing. And, you don’t know how to write effective marketing copy. That makes you feel uncertain and frustrated. We believe that should not be.

We know the pressure and time constraints you face every day as the leader and owner of a business. For that reason we are here to help. You must be involved, of course, but you can trust us to do the heavy lifting. To help you cost effectively market your business. 

Here’s How We Do It… A simple Three Step Plan
  1. We look at your messaging. Interview you using a proven seven-step process. We use what you tell us to craft a clear marketing message. That one thing alone sets you apart from your competitors. But it’s not only a clear message, it’s a complete message. That means it grabs your customer’s attention, builds trust and moves them to choose you, your products, your services. Clear, complete messaging makes everything else about your marketing a lot easier.
  2. Generate traffic by putting your message in front of thousands of people who match your definition of “ideal customer.” (A full pallet of traffic driving strategies including SEO, content promotion, Google and Social advertising.)
  3. Create and maintain a high-conversion internet presence that turns that traffic into warm leads. (Including website, Google My Business, social platforms, reviews, citations, backlinks, funnels.)
The J3 Five Numbers Report

We meet with you regularly and report about what’s going on. With our proprietary “J3 Five Numbers Report” you know what’s working and what’s not. You make wise and profitable decisions about what to do next.

Take action now. Schedule a no-cost, no-pressure 30 minute conversation with us. Click that red button below. Let’s see if the service we offer fits the company you run.

In the meantime, here’s Seven Marketing Truths that Never Change. So you can put an end to the marketing uncertainty and frustrations you face because there are not enough hours in a day and instead consistently address the marketing basics that bring new customers to your company.

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