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With so many marketing services that you can’t track, business owners feel their marketing wastes money. With our Trackit, Measureit Five Numbers Report, You’ll know what’s making you money and what’s not.

We are a Digital Marketing Agency, headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, Incorporated as Johnny Wyatt LTD in December 2006, now (doing business as) J3 Effect Marketing.

Our moto. If we can’t track it, we don’t sell it.

A Virtual Company

We have assembled a team of willing, skillful, deeply aligned men and women, who operate as independent contractors. Some of us live in Tucson the rest of us, come from all over the nation. Many of us have worked with J3 for a number of years.

  • Kim, Director of Operations, Newsletter specialist lives in California.
  • Tiffany, Director of Operations, Expert with Google My Business and Online Directories lives in Phoenix.
  • Stephanie, accounting and financial systems lives in Tucson, AZ.
  • Bobbi, Jack, Warren, Christi, Evan, Travis,  Mike, Paul, Adam, Adrian, Tree, Ezra: Work with J3 as Specialists in web design, copy writing, video, photography, graphic art, business systems, link building, technical applications, AdWords/Facebook Advertising and worship intercession.

The Story Behind the Name

From Greeting Card Company to Internet Marketing Agency

You have heard about companies that start out going one way but end up heading in another. That’s this company’s story. In 2005 Johnny Wyatt had enjoyed a successful church music career. He said he didn’t ever want to retire. So, a couple of years before the time people normally retire he started a photographic greeting card company. He took pictures that tell stories and wrote verse to comfort, congratulate, celebrate and inspire.

We Began as JJJ Inspirations

A big thinker, Johnny wanted to build an elegant, excellent, world class business. A Christ follower, he wanted to build it on a spiritual footing. So, he called his fledgling company JJJ Inspirations. JJJ had a special meaning.

Johnny says, “I would tell people the first “J” stands for Johnny. The second “J” for Judy, my wonderful & beautiful wife of a lifetime. The third “J”, I told people, is for Jesus…our Unlimited Partner. That usually brought a smile to people’s faces.”

The Business Began to Change

To grow his business, Johnny joined BNI a business networking group. In addition to writing verse for his greeting cards, he started writing bios for members of the group. They liked his ideas about a more relational, story-based bio, that showed the personal side of the professional. He would also go out and take photos that supported those stories.

His clients would use these photo/story bios for the About Us pages on their websites. Then his friend, Dr. John Hughes asked Johnny to build Southern Arizona Endodontics a whole new website. That was a first. Building websites took our company to a totally different place.

We Became The J3 Effect

The nature of our company continued to evolve. We added services such as Social Media management and Newsletters. We needed more people. We found people who could help provide those services.

It became obvious, we were no longer a greeting card company, we had become a full service Internet marketing agency. The name “JJJ Inspirations” did not support the branding of an Internet Marketing Agency. We needed a new name that fit the kind of company we had become. We needed a new logo and other things to define our brand.

What If We Said J3 instead of JJJ

The team brainstormed about a new name for quite a while. One day someone suggested, instead of JJJ what if we said J3? Everyone cheered…then someone pointed out that mathematically, J3 is J cubed or J to the third power. That could mean Johnny x Judy x Jesus!”

Johnny got excited, “This J3 idea fits the vision I have for the company better than I expected any name could. I want a company where the efforts of one person, multiplied by the efforts of another person and multiplied again in the context of a spiritual partnership with the High Unseen.”

A Multi-Spectrum Approach to Business

He explained, “I want us to build, not just a world class business, but a Kingdom class business, where our Unlimited Partner is King.

There is both the seen world and the unseen. I want to reference both. I believe decisions you make based on what you can know through physical senses can be great decisions. When, however, you take what you can know with your physical senses and combine that with what you can only know through your spiritual senses you make better decisions.  You create strategies that are more effective. I believe this multi-spectrum approach to business can mean remarkable, almost unexplainable results for our clients.”

The J3 Effect Did All of That

We knew J3 was going to be part of our new name. But there was more. We were on the right track but had not yet arrived at the station.

Then one day Johnny got a text from Shevon, the friend and artist, who turned his photographic greeting cards into little pieces of fine art. She had joined several conversations about re-naming and re-branding the company.

Her text simply said, “How about The J3 Effect?” Johnny will tell you, “When you hear something that matches what’s in your heart, you know it. You recognize it. It feels right. To me, this name, ‘The J3 Effect’ did all of that. That was the end of the brain storm. The J3 Effect had it’s new name. I was at peace.”

“The J3 Effect” has come to mean the “beyond expected marketing results” we seek for our company and the companies that belong to the clients we serve. It’s J x J x J a multi-spectrum approach to business.  A multi-spectrum approach where you combine the EFFORTS of willing, skillful, deeply aligned individuals engaged in tasks that match their unique strength profiles WITH the brilliance and wisdom you can only discover through targeted prayer.

Worship and Prayer Part of Our Business Model

An Internet Marketing Agency that prays for the success of its clients.
A company that prays for its people, their happiness and success.

For several years now, every Monday at 4:00, J3 sets aside time for worship and prayer. Our paid worship and prayer staff pray over the names of J3 clients and members of the J3 team.

  • We pray for goals our clients have set.
  • We pray for goals J3 has set.
  • We pray for wisdom concerning the marketing strategies and tactics we use at J3 for ourselves and for every company we serve.
  • We celebrate victories,
  • We seek understanding about our failures.
  • We pray as we seek new clients.
  • We pray as we seek new team members.

We pray because, as Johnny says it, “We believe decisions based on everything you can see plus wisdom you can only get from the high unseen might be at least twice as good and twice as effective.”

Monday at 4:00 is not the only time we pray, but it is our official time of worship and prayer. Guests often join us and are always welcome.

We’d love to have a conversation with you to see if the service J3 provides 
fits the company you run.


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If you build on truths that never change, you are better prepared to negotiate the ravishing rate of change we business owners face with every new day.

Many business owners feel marketing wastes money. J3 sells only trackable services … No waste … Measurable ROI instead. Let’s talk about your business. Where you are, where you want to go. How J3 may be able to help.

If you’re ready for a different kind of website and the success of your business through your internet marketing, then you need to contact Johnny Wyatt at the J3 Effect Marketing.”


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