J3 Marketing Message

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The J3 Engagement – The Marketing Message

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Job One in Marketing…

A Clear Relatable Marketing Message!!!

Put your first marketing dollar and your initial effort toward an effective marketing message. Messaging is the ONE THING in marketing. A clear, focused, relatable message will render everything else you do about marketing so much easier. What do we mean by “relatable?’ It connects with how humans feel and how the human mind thinks. It attracts relationally. It creates early trust.

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  • Don’t start with a WEBSITE.
  • Don’t start with NETWORKING.
  • Don’t start with SEO.
  • Don’t even start with a LOGO.


Do those things, but GET YOUR MESSAGING FIRST. It’s what you say about your business that sells your business. It’s the one thing most business owners don’t know how to do.

The J3 Marketing Message Plan

We will coach you through a fun, enlightening seven-step process.

You will walk away with a J3 Marketing Message Script, based on the seven elements of STORY. Designed to connect with how humans think and feel. We call it the J3 MESSAGING MATRIX. You can use the thoughts in that script to create every piece of marketing material you will ever write.  Web pages, brochures, videos, newsletters, sales letters, even your business card. You will know what to say when someone asks you what you do. It will shape what you SAY when you stand up to talk about your business.

Most marketing wastes money because the message fails. It lacks clarity, it’s too complicated, the thoughts aren’t focused, it’s not relatable. Customers who should be yours go to someone else.

Once your messaging is right, we will help you zero in on the right mix of proven visibility strategies that will take you toward the goals you have for your business.

Let’s get you started – Call Johnny today 520-404-1087

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