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How much does it cost?


We listen to you to understand the results you want your marketing to produce. We fashion a cost effective plan we believe will get you those results.

We look at the current state of your internet presence to make sure it will support the strategies you want to put in place. And we ask a few other key questions.

Pretty soon we know how much it is going to cost and how quickly those services will pay for themselves. We have effective packages that start as low as $750 per month. 

The heart of the J3’s system of services is our proprietary “TrackIT Now Five Numbers Report.” The Report Reveals.

  1. The return on your marketing investment. Your marketing ROI.
  2. Whether the number of people who see your message is growing.
  3. How engaging your message is–how many of the people who encounter your message either call you or visit your website.
  4. The effectiveness of each specific marketing strategy so you know which ones to do more of and which ones to shutter.

You become a more confident business owner. You know what’s working and what’s not. As result, you never feel like your marketing is wasting your money.

Our Basic “Track It, Measure it” Package Includes

  • Marketing Copy crafted for your home page, to maximize engagement and conversions.
  • Target definition: We help you identify your target audience.
  • Topic discovery: Identify problems your target audience has that you solve.
  • Keyword study: Identify the words they use to search for a solution.
  • Content Development Calendar: A schedule for articles we will write for you over the course of the year.
  • Articles written and posted: We write an article and  post it on your website, Google My Business, Facebook, other Social Media and your newsletter.
  • SEO: We fully Search Engine Optimize the article.
  • Promote each article: We put your articles in front of thousands of your right-fit customers.
  • Call tracking: You know where your calls are coming from.
  • Ongoing Citations Alignment:Makes sure your name, address and phone number is consistent all over the internet so people are not confused.
  • Reputation Management System: Helps you get the five star reviews people need to see to have trust in you and your business.
  • Meeting to Report, Collaborate, Celebrate: We review the “Track it Now Five Numbers Report.” We plan our next move to grow your bottom line.

Additional Traffic Generating Options

  • Video: Q&A style videos … Video Blogs … powerful Testimonial Videos. High Production Videos if needed.
  • Transitional Sales Funnel: A system that continues to engage website visitors who are not ready to buy yet. This increases your conversion ratio and the return on your investment.
  • PPC Campaign: Google ads that drive traffic to your website. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Immediate results. Very effective.
  • Custom Website:  starting at $2500
  • Link Building: A process that builds the authority of your brand on line.


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by Johnny Wyatt

If you build on truths that never change, you are better prepared to negotiate the ravishing rate of change we business owners face with every new day.

Many business owners feel marketing wastes money. J3 sells only trackable services … No waste … Measurable ROI instead. Let’s talk about your business. Where you are, where you want to go. How J3 may be able to help.

"We are ecstatic with their expertise, level of proficiency, and high quality output. I give J3 my strongest recommendation."

Michael Austin

Southern Arizona Endodontics

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