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Why Google Ads May Be Important for Your Business

Andrew and his team added Google Ads to their marketing plan, Why? 

They have established their pest control company as one of the best in the city. Their marketing plan sports a powerful referral program. They have intentionally scripted their appreciation for client referrals at strategic intersections of their conversations with their clients, especially their new clients. ALSO,  they have SEO’d (search engine optimized) their Multi-Platform Internet presence according to today’s best practices.  But they know there are perfect-fit customers referral programs and organic search programs don’t reach. So to round out their marketing plan they also advertise their business with Google Ads.

They may use ads to promote a special package of services. They may offer a free guide. They regularly create helpful content, blog posts or videos. They post that content on their website, Google My Business, Facebook and other platforms. Then they use Google Ads and Facebook ads to put that fresh content in front of thousands of potential customers. As result, they see more traffic to their website, and more new customers to their company.

They advertise because they believe advertising can reach people who otherwise wouldn’t see their message. Of course, for any business, you have to test and do the numbers. But it’s possible that you can expand your reach beyond the scope of your referral program and your SEO if you add this advertising piece to your marketing pie.

You Only Pay When Someone Clicks on Your Ad

The most popular type of Google ads are referred to as Pay Per Click (PPC). That means you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. 

You can also set your campaign for a specific spend and a specific time. You have control over your spending.

You Can Target Your Google Ads

One of the amazingly cool things about internet ads is how you can tell them precisely where and to whom they are to show themselves. For example, you can tell your ad to go after 35 to 55 year old women who live in zip code 85711 and that is exactly the type of person who will see your ad. 

This is powerful because great marketing starts with getting the right message in front of the right people. With a Google Ads Strategy, people you target who search using your key words, find your ads. They might speak into their phone, “Seri, Give me the best Pest Control Company in town.”  Or, they might type something like that on their computer. 

Google shows them your ad. When they see you offer the solution to the problem they are trying to solve, they click on the ad to investigate further. 

Google Ads and Other Advertising can Make Your Marketing More Immediately Available

Not only do Google Ads and other forms of internet advertising such as  Facebook Ads, reach people you otherwise might not reach with referral programs and SEO, they make your message more immediately visible. Most other forms of marketing prove their effectiveness over time. Advertising is right now effective.

Not only do Google Ads and other forms of internet advertising such as  Facebook Ads, reach people you otherwise might not reach through referral programs and SEO, they make your message more immediately visible.

Facebook Ads are Different From Google Ads

Facebook ads work in a slightly different way. People don’t search for products and services on Facebook the way they search for things on Google. People are on Facebook to see what’s going on with their family, and friends, to join a conversation, or for some other social purpose. 

That being said, the type of people who buy what you sell also spend time on Facebook. Ever notice how you only see tire ads when you need tires? People socializing on Facebook are no different. When they need your product or service they notice your ads. When that happens a possible new customer is coming your way.

As with Google ads, you can tell Facebook the type of person you want to reach with your ad. That makes this type of advertising targeted and efficient.

It Still Pays to Advertise

The old adage “It Pays to Advertise” remains true. Successful businesses have always invested in advertisements.

Advertising on the internet is powerful because people are on the internet and you can aim your message at a precise target audience. It is often less expensive with a more attractive return on investment than traditional advertising.

At J3, we have a great track record of successful advertising campaigns. If it is time for you to add Google Ads or perhaps Facebook ads to your marketing plan, I believe we can help. Please click the red button below and let’s arrange a time to talk. 

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