You Only Have Grace to Live In The Present

The meaning I intend here for the word “grace” is strength. Specifically, the strength to deal with the difficulties of life.
When I was a younger man, I grieved at the thought of my father’s death. I thought of it often. I dreaded the moment deeply. It really wasn’t healthy. Then one day I was walking in the woods near Eagle Mountain Lake in Fort Worth Texas. A wonderful conversation took place in my heart after which I never dreaded my daddy’s death in a unhealthy way again.

“Johnny, do you remember that Schwinn bicycle your mom and dad gave you on your 6th birthday. Do you remember riding it on that balmy April 4th evening?” 
Yes, I heard myself say. I still remember that. It feels like yesterday. I marveled over its smooth, quite ride. I loved that bike. 

“Every moment you worry about tomorrow’s things is stolen from the productive and enjoyment opportunities of your present.”

“Do you remember the headlight attached to the bike’s front fender. Remember how it lit the ground right in front of the bike. And when you arrived home that evening, how the light from that headlight arrived at the same time?”
Yes, I agreed. 

“Johnny, that’s the way My grace works. When your dad dies, my grace will arrive at the same time. You will have grace for that day. You don’t have it now. You don’t have grace for your dad’s death or for any other future thing you worry about. Every moment you worry about tomorrow’s things is stolen from the productive, enjoyable opportunities of your present.

Don’t grieve your losses in advance. Don’t visit and revisit the uncertainties of tomorrow. You don’t have the grace for it. Trust, that just like the light on the fender of your new Schwinn bike, the grace you need will be there when you need it.” 

What I learned that day in Fort Worth, Texas has helped me many times since. I never dreaded my daddy’s death in an unhealthy way after that. He died many years later at age 92. It was true. When his time came, the grace I needed I had. When I’m tempted to worry about trouble coming I remember this promise of grace. It pours peace on my soul.  
My advice: To experience more peace in your life, stay in your present place.  Believe that when tomorrow arrives, more than enough grace will arrive at the same time to help with whatever comes 

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