You Won the Audition

His character list called for someone who would own and operate the business YOU own and operate right now. The author of all there is announced auditions for the drama He’d present on the stage of time and space

Millions showed up. Millions wanted the part you are playing in life today. You won!

It’s like American Idol on steroids. American Idol holds auditions in many cities across the nation.  For the most part, you and I only see the part where selected young people sing for a panel of celebrity judges.

Most of what goes on we don’t see.  From time to time, however, the programmers show things that go on behind the scene. For example, they may show a stadium full of young people waiting to audition. Thousands of bright eyed young men and women cheer for the camera.

“His character list called for someone who would own and operate the business YOU own and operate right now.

Thousands audition. Only one get’s the part. So it is with you. What are the odds one certain sperm finds one special egg so YOU’D be born at the time and place you were born … millions, not thousands, even billions showed up and YOU were selected.

You may not feel very special, but you are! You were chosen. You were picked because you have this amazing one-of-a-kind set of characteristics, capabilities, aptitudes and possibilities the part demands.

You were born on purpose and for a purpose. Everything about you: the desires that drive you, the thirst that compels you and the possibilities that hide inside you all point to that purpose, that plan

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